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Love and beauty and all that is right. Mixed with darkness and suffering and all that is wrong. Cause that's life. That's my life. I appreciate the beauty. I feel the pain. I'm finding a balance...starting on the Dukan diet!

SW 162
CW 144
CW 140
CW 149.5
CW 142.5
GW 126
UGW 120

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…And it starts, again.

After about two years, I decided to start the Dukan Diet again. And maybe actually stick with it this time.

My willpower is pretty much nonexistent these days. I’m hoping that working on my eating habits and having a goal, might be able to aid me in a healthy lifestyle change.

I’ve already started the daily walking. Nothing too drastic, but it is a start. Now I’m ready to change my eating habits.

Alright, here I go….

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This is greatly motivational!

This is greatly motivational!

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JLo has cellulite?! Can you see it?

JLo has cellulite?! Can you see it?



Oh Hey - So I made it to the 130s!

138.5 to be exact! :D Fuck Yeah!

Sarah Lee Photography

Sarah Lee Photography

I’m taking a break.

I am taking a bit of a break from the diet. Just from life in general. I’m stressing about work…and about a guy. My appetite is all off. So I decided to just take a week off. I don’t plan on falling too far off the diet, but right now, my head space is all fucked. And the stress is throwing my eating habits off.

I just wanted to relax for a bit…take a breather. I’m planning to be back at it this weekend. I will start the diet from the beginning, the Attack Phase and continue from there.

I feel better already.

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Mostly Food. Mostly screwing up.

My diet is all off and wacky. I am debating the 5PV+5PP. I don’t know why…maybe it’s because weight is shed slower with that schedule? So I am trying to go back to a 1PV+1PP, but it just seems like I’m eating whatever, whenever. And of course it is the weekend, and I can never get it together on the weekends. :S

I’m still not giving up. I am still trying to exercise more. And if I do cheat I am trying to keep it to a minimum.

***Round 3 CRUISE Phase Day 8***

Breakfast - chicken breast

Lunch - Chicken breast, yogurt and oat bran

Supper - I didn’t eat supper…I went to bed because I was so sore from Ultimate Frisbee

Exercise - 50 min med-brisk walk ( I had intentions of going on the elliptical to meet my 10,000 steps a day, but I was too sore so I decided to just give my muscles a rest.)

***Day 9***

Breakfast - yogurt and oat bran

Lunch - Salad w/ a boiled egg, broccoli, celery, green and red peppers and grape tomatoes

Supper - Tuna salad w/green onion, green pepper and celery, I also added 2 tbsp of low fat mayo and some mustard.

Exercise - 20min med walk, 45 min eliptical

  • 2 sets of 25 situps
  • 2 sets of 12 scissors kicks
  • 2 sets of 20 lunges
  • 2 sets of 12 squats
  • 2 sets of 20 arm curls (10lb weight)
  • 2 sets of other the head arm exercises (don’t know that name of them at the moment) (10lb weight)

***Day 10***

Breakfast - a bran muffin, half a chocolate Twinkie, a handful of crasins….don’t ask! :S

Lunch - egg salad w/gr onion, gr pepper, and celery, 2 tbsp of low fat mayo and mustard.

Supper - TBD

Exercise - TBD